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Athletic Waiver Form Fall 2024




I give my permission for the evaluation/treatment of  ________________

by any duly Licensed physician and/or hospital facility in the event of illness or injury.  I also authorize transportation in an ambulance if necessary.

If sport is not available please contact athletic department:
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Click YES to confirm you are the parent/guardian.*
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Athletes Address and Information

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Parent/Guardian Contact Information

Please answer the following medical history questions:

Please check yes if the athlete has had a Concussion.*
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Please check if the athlete has any of the following:
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  • Diabetic students must have glucose tablets and a glucometer present at all practices and games.
  • Asthmatic students must have inhaler present at all practices and games.
  • All athletes must report any medical changes to the Athletic Director’s Office and the Athletic Trainer.

Please provide all insurance information below:

If you need to obtain the Additional Voluntary Insurance offered by the Taunton School Department’s Athletic Insurance Policy please check here and an enrollment form will be sent home with your student athlete.
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a minor, do hereby consent to his/her participation in voluntary athletic programs and do forever RELEASE, acquit, discharge and covenant to hold harmless the City of Taunton, the Taunton School District, Taunton High School and any employees or agents of said City, District, and High School from any and all actions, causes of action and claims on account of, or in any way growing out of, directly or indirectly, all known and unknown personal injuries or property damage which I may now or hereafter as the parent/guardian of said minor, and also all claims or right of action for damages which said minor has or hereafter may acquire, either before or after he/she has reached his/her age of majority resulting from his/her participation in the Taunton Public Schools Physical Education Department’s Athletic Program. 

I have read the above statement and agree to its terms.

Click YES to confirm you are the parent/guardian.*
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Copy of physical within 13 months mandatory to try out for any team at THS: Please upload child's physical if electronic copy is available: Convert pictures into PDFs when possible
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or drag it here.


NFHS Learn Concussion Course:  https://nfhslearn.com/courses/concussion-for-students

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Signatory must be 18 years of age
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Fax a copy of physical if not able to electronically submit at 508-821-1149.

Athletic Fee is $150.

This fee covers either a single season or all three seasons.

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