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Policies and Eligibility

THS Athletics Participation Policies
​Taunton High School's athletic program is an extension of the values and ideals of our school and aims to promote the development of a connected student. THS athletes should take pride in themselves and in their team, school, and community while learning to work together to achieve common goals. Every athlete should enjoy the experience of being a team member. Tryouts for the athletic program are open to all students, provided they meet the standards of academic eligibility and physical/health qualifications. Participation in our program is a privilege granted to students who meet and maintain these standards.

THS Athletics Eligibility Rules
​A student-athlete is eligible in the fall sports season if they have attained twenty-five credits in the previous academic year. All student-athletes must attain the equivalent of fifteen credits each marking period. All fees, lost texts, etc. impact eligibility.
In order to participate in a team activity, student athletes must be present in school on that specific day. They must adhere to attendance policies as defined in the student handbook on pages 9-12. Teachers may fill out blue forms for academic concerns. Students must arrive to school before 8:15 a.m. and may not be dismissed before 11:15 a.m. in order to participate in a team sponsored activity on that day.

​Policy Regarding Physical Exams for Sports
All student-athletes must have an up to date physical on file with the athletics office before any tryout. A physical is valid for 13 months from the date it was conducted. Physicals can expire during the course of an athletic season or school year. This is NON-NEGOTIABLE.
(Example: If a physical is dated November 20,2016 it will expire on December 20, 2017 if no new physical is submitted the athlete will be UNABLE to practice or play in any game starting December 21, 2017.)
Physicals can be faxed to Athletics Office - Fax Number 508-821-1149.
Each student athlete is required to pay an athletic fee of $150 for the academic year. The fee is in no way designed to exclude students from participating in the athletic program. Exemptions from the fee may be granted by the Athletic Director. All such requests will remain confidential.
Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA) Eligibility Rules

Eligibility rule violations may result in forfeiture of a game won. If there is any doubt concerning your eligibility, consult the athletic director. The MIAA Standing Committee on Athletics will resolve all questions on eligibility.
*​If you are 19 years old before September 1, you are no longer eligible. A student is eligible for no more than eight consecutive semesters beyond grade eight.

*A student who transfers from one high school to another high school is ineligible for participation for a period of one year from the date of transfer, unless the conditions of and reasons for the transfer satisfy one of the exceptions listed in Rule 2, Section 3. Some exceptions require MIAA approval before participation.

*The eligibility of all pupils shall be considered official only on the date when the report cards for that marking period have been issued to the parents of all the pupils.

*A participant ruled out of a game twice in the same season for flagrantly unsportsmanlike conduct shall be ineligible for further participation in that sport season for one year.

*The eligibility rules apply to both boys’ and girls’ interscholastic sports at all levels. (See THS Athletic Handbook.)

*MIAA Alcohol and Drug Policy mandates that from the first allowable day of practice, through the end of the academic year, or final athletic competition of the year, whichever is later, any student found to be in violation of this policy will be penalized according to MIAA rules. (See THS Athletic Handbook.)