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Massachusetts ProStart Educational Foundation ​

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ProStart All Stars:
2017 - 1st place (States), National Competitor
2018- 2nd place (States)
2019- 1st place (States) - National Competitor
2020- 2nd Place (States)
2021(virtual year, no nationals)- 1st place (States)
2022 - 2nd place, 4th place (States) 
2023 2nd place, 3rd place (States
2024: 3rd place, 4th place (States)
2014 - 2nd place States
 2018 - 1st place States, National Competitor
2022-  1st place / 7th place in the nation!! 
2023 MRA Scholarship Recipients!
Congratulations to the following THS students and alumni who received MRA scholarships!
2023 THS Grad- Nolen Langley (CIA) -$5000
THS Alumni: 
Torrin Hodgson (CIA)  - $2500
Emily Man (JWU) - $2000
Emily Robinson (JWU)- $2000
Ethan Ross (BCC/JWU)- $2000
Sophie Wallace (BCC) - $10,000
Congratulations to our 2018 Prostart Educator of Excellence: Sarah Gibson

Why ProStart?

ProStart set me up for success within the industry, allowing myself to feel confident in the kitchen. Without that program and competition, I would not be here graduating from the Bachelors Program at The Culinary Institute of America.
​- Baylee Mello, 2015
ProStart was a great experience because it helped me boost my self confidence and overcome my anxiety. I would do it again in a heartbeat because of what I learned and friends I made along the way.
​- Katie Werra, 2017
ProStart was an amazing experience because it allowed me to demonstrate leadership and a state championship title to the Taunton High culinary department for future culinary students.
​- Victoria Soares, 2017
Competition  was life changing!!! Joining was one of the best decisions I've made. Since I was a high school athlete playing hockey, I thought that was all I knew, but I was wrong, I strongly encourage all to join the program and experience the greatness that my team and I had, because it was truly amazing!!!
​- Cam Carnes 2017
ProStart gave me the ability to test my culinary skills and learn to work in a team as well as showcase my talents individually. It showed me many different perspectives and how much I enjoy working in the food industry.
​- Mike Fernandez, 2017 
ProStart was an extremely positive experience. I learned many valuable lessons and it helped me develop skills I will use for the rest of my life. I am beyond thankful for everything I have taken from the ProStart community  and believe everyone should get to experience something like this.
​- Chris Gomes, 2017