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Access logoThe THS Access Center provides a range of services including information on topics relevant to teens, grief counseling, crisis intervention, and ongoing therapeutic services. These services are offered at the school in cooperation with local human service agencies.


The Access Center is located on the 3rd floor across from the Library near B-House.


Program Design
The Access Center fills the gap between the need for, and availability of, services by providing therapeutic services during the school day. It allows the school to fulfill its obligation of identifying those at-risk students in need of referral to the appropriate community resource. This in turn relieves the school of the sole responsibility for treating and providing services to these students. This unique partnership allows the school and the community to share in the social and emotional development of all students, thereby improving the school's relationship with the community at large.


School-based therapeutic services: individual and/or group counseling provided by community mental health agencies


Crisis intervention: self-harm, harm to others or being harmed by others


Brief interventive and/or supportive services: dating relationships, family relationships, transitional difficulties, grade/behavior monitoring, bereavement and anger management, 51-A reports, sensitivity to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender youth, etc.


General information on topics pertinent to teens


Referral Process
Referrals for school-based services may come from a variety of people. These include administrators, faculty, parents, students, self-referrals, and support personnel such as school psychologists and school adjustment counselors.


The Access Center Coordinator processes all referrals, meets with students and/or referral sources to determine what, if any, service is needed.


If services are accepted by a student, parents are contacted and the process to connect students to services begins. Primarily, services are paid for through a family's health insurance.

Contact Information:
Stephanie Littlefield, MSW
​Access Center Coordinator
[email protected]

Jasmine Silva
Access Center Coordinator
[email protected]