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Contact TPS Tech Support

Incident IQ - Ticket System

Our new tech ticket app is called Incident IQ and can be found in Classlink.  It logs in with Google  Staff and students can put in a ticket in this system.  Parents can put in a ticket through our guest link:

Feel free to share that with them. We are trying to phase out the [email protected] emails. Yesterday our [email protected] received well over 1000 support emails.  Transitioning to a ticket system will maximize our efficiency.

Troubleshooting ChromebooksRefresh_Power_Chromebook
As Chromebooks don't have a full operating system, a simple reboot/refresh will solve most hardware and software issues.
Simple Reboot: hold the refresh and tap the power button.
If the chromebook won't turn on - hold the power button down for 20 - 30 seconds. Release the power button when the chrome symbol pops up. You may need to allow the Chromebook battery to completely discharge if this doesn't work.
Check your charger connections.  Make sure the cord is securely inserted into the charger block as well as into the wall outlet.
If these suggestions don't help or if you have dropped your Chromebook and something has broken see below for the Incident IQ System.