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Tiger Speed, Strength, & Conditioning Program

Program Philosophy:
Our objective is for Taunton High School students & student-athletes to increase on-field performance, decrease risk of injury and promote team building through daily group speed, strength training and conditioning exercises. The program is tailored around select core exercises universally beneficial for all athletes and branches off into more specific supplemental conditioning based on the student's individual goals. Students will also be educated on helpful nutritional and lifestyle habits to encourage overall wellness. Program is staffed by qualified TPS teachers & coaches.

Typical Daily Schedule:
a. Warm Up (10-15 min)
b. Speed Work/Conditioning/Competition (30 min)
c. Lift (45 min)
d. Cool Down/Recovery (5-10 min)
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
July 5th - August 12th
Students attend 2 Hour Session

Grade 10-12 Male 8am-10am

Grade 8-12 Female 9am-11am

Grade 8-9 Male 10am-12pm

Open to all incoming 8th - 12th grade students at THS
An announcement will be made at a later date about what students should bring each day
Mark Masterson
[email protected]
Registration due by June 11th, 2021