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THS Tigers Wrestling Youth Clinic Sign Up 2023-2024

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All parents must attend the first clinic their child goes to for the whole practice time.


Monday's and Wednesday's



Location: Taunton High School Upstairs Gymnasium/ Parker Gymnasium


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[email protected]

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Release Waiver, assumption of risk and indemnification: Upon entering events sponsored by Taunton High School, Adilson Galvao, Coaches et al., the owners/members of participating rink facilities, I/We agree to abide by the rules and policies of the sport of wrestling, the facility, and camp/tournament supervision. I/We understand and appreciate that participation or observation of the sport constitutes a risk to me/us of serious injury, including permanent paralysis, or death. I/We voluntarily and knowingly recognize, accept, and assume this risk for myself/my child and release Taunton High School, Adilson Galvao, Coaches et al., Fighting Tigers Wrestling Club, volunteers, participating facilities, its affiliates, owners, their sponsors or organizers from any liability therefore, and any suits, claims, or demands of any kind for personal injuries, property damage that I or my child may sustain while participating in the wrestling program and/or other wrestling related activities. I have read and understand the Release of Liability and agree to terms and conditions specified therein.

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