THS Officiating Class Gets Shoutout on WEEI

Jermaine Wiggins gave the Taunton High School Referring Class a shoutout during the Greg Hill Show Monday morning on WEEI 93.7!
If your morning routine includes listening to WEEI 93.7, you may have heard a shoutout for Taunton High School's Sports Officiating Class. 
The topic came up just before 7 a.m. on Monday, March 25 during the Greg Hill Show. 
"What's the one thing that we complain more about in sports, all sports than anything? Who gets in the way?" Jermaine Wiggins asked host Greg Hill.
"The officials," Hill responded.
"The officials? Well, he [Wiggins' friend Leon] sent me this thing that they're doing in Taunton High School, which I think is pretty cool, and that they do it all over the country. Him and another kid that played at East Boston High, Chris Green, he coaches out there is they are introducing a class in high school that teaches you how to become a referee."
"That's pretty cool."
"Yeah, it's a pretty cool little thing. So because there's a lot of high school referees and I think the average age is they're pretty old. But to get kids more interested, maybe they might not be the greatest athletes and maybe they love sports and they want to kind of find another angle into the sports world and what they're doing at Taunton high school, which is pretty cool, is they're introducing a class that you could take and it teaches you like, you know, soccer and, you know, the officiating rules and that kind of thing, and volleyball and football and basketball. So I'm like, this is a pretty good idea. And hopefully this is something that maybe even takes it to the next level and into college where you could go, hey, I love it. I can make good money as being a professional official.

"Yeah. In the meantime, you can have the high school kids and the high school graduates do the local games. Yeah, and you got more referees. I love it."
"And there was there was a there was a Taunton freshman game and he sent me this article where two regular officials couldn't show up and they had two kids from this class officiate the game."

The Sports Officiating class is in its first year at Taunton High School. The 20 students, juniors and seniors, are currently learning football and will learn baseball and softball after April vacation. Earlier this school year, students studied soccer and basketball. Source: The Greg Hill Show, WEEI 93.7