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Science- Mr. Vaillancourt

Welcome to Science.  My name is Mr. Vaillancourt, the 2020-21 school year will be my 27th year teaching Eighth Grade Science with half being right here in Taunton.  It's my hope that you will enjoy this class and learn as we finish up the science curriculum that was started back in sixth grade.  
Classroom supplies to be brought to class DAILY: 
1. Your school issued chromebook MUST be brought to each class DAILY.
2. Your school agenda (when in class)
3. Pens, pencils
4. Your mask
5. Headphones/earbuds etc.
6. B-BLOCK HONORS ONLY- One marble NB for Science Fair...maybe????? (for Oct/Nov????).
  • Your mask MUST be worn daily while in class. According to current CDC regulations, the mask MUST fully cover your mouth and your nose to be effective.  Failure to correctly wear your mask will result in disciplinary action.
  • Classwork as well as homework will be posted daily on your Google Classroom page.  It is your responsibility to check it and submit the work prior to due dates.  
The "Socially Distanced" Science Lab in M109